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J&M Rokker Series XT Lower Fairing Speaker Kit - FLH/FLT 06-13 Watts 140

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Specially-tuned speaker-mounted passive crossover network for improved fidelity and frequency response. Top-quality lower fairing housing inserts, to hold the J&M® Rokker™ Series 7-1/4 in. speaker and custom grill with mounted high-output tweeter and midrange. These high-impact quality molded speaker inserts are textured in a matte finish and can be painted to match the color of your bagger. All necessary mounting hardware and complete installation/operating instructions included. Wiring kit is complete with amplifier gain adjustment guidelines, replacement amplifier cooling fan splash cover (to be used after performing amplifier gain control adjustments) and complete connection schematic diagram. 7-1/4 in. round subs are the largest diameter speakers that can be installed into the Harley-Davidson® lower fairing shells, with cone volume and mass comparable to a 6" x 9" speaker. 2 ohms impedance, 140+ and 217-Watts max power, these speakers provide the ultimate in raw audio power.

This in-series wiring harness kit is to be used when connecting the J&M® Rokker™ Series 7-1/4 in. lower fairing speakers, together with the J&M® 7-1/4 in. upper fairing speakers, to a J&M® in-fairing mounted 2-channel amplifier, (four speakers total on the motorcycle) or the front two channels of a J&M® in-fairing four channel amplifier (six speakers total on the motorcycle).


  • Waterproof injection molded polycarbonate woofer cone
  • High-flux strength, lightweight dual donut Neodymium magnet
  • High-efficiency, vented voice-coil
  • Custom designed grill work
  • High-output titanium-colored tweeter and midrange drivers

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