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J&M Rokker Series Tweeter Kit HTWT-1025-CRF

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25 mm diameter high-output dome tweeters designed to bring extra high-frequency definition to your bagger audio system. Designed specifically for use on the 98-13 Ultra-Classic (Batwing) or Road Glide style fairing. Tweeters are exact dimensional and wire connection substitutes for H-D# 77036-11A; spec'd at 2 ohms nominal impedance and will work with any radio or amplifier designed to operate at a 2, 4, 6 or 8-ohm load. Rated at 300-Watts peak power (150-Watts RMS)3,000 - 21 khz frequency range and 94db sensitivity at 1W, 1M, these tweeters can easily replace two of the stock H-D® gauges on the inside fairing panel. Connects direct to the midrange output jack on the back of the J&M Rokker series speaker crossover network or to the factory H-D® wiring harness on certain CVO Street Glide and Road Glide fairings or to the front speaker spade connections inside the fairing using the custom made plug-n-play wiring harnesses included. Kit includes two tweeters, alternate connection wire assemblies, along with all necessary mounting hardware and complete installation instructions.


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