Press Releases & Current Affairs:

 January 24, 2016 - MAD Cycle Customs, LLC becomes an authorized dealer for MID-USA Motorcycle Parts, and MidWest Motorcycle Supply - the exclusive distributor of Ulitima Motorcycle Products, parts and accessories.

 January, 2017 - MAD Cycle Customs, LLC is currently refurbishing the facility, sourcing shop equipment, soliciting the very best motorcycle technicians, and sourcing new parts and accessories with the hottest vendors and popular distributors...  stay tuned...

 January 8, 2017 - MAD Cycle Customs, LLC made its debut appearance for motorcycle swap meets at Paragons Promotions 6th Annual Motorcycle Swap in Hastings, MI.

 11/1/2016 - MAD Cycle Customs, LLC moved into the 3,600sf facility located at 1920 Metamora Rd, Oxford MI

 September, 2016 - MAD Cycle Customs, LLC opens the scope of business strategy to include consignment, salvage vehicles from auction, new parts & accessories, service & repair - thus the need for a commercial, retail facility.

 August, 2016 - MAD Cycle Customs began broadening the scope of early model Harley-Davidson parts.

 8/17/2016 - MAD Cycle Customs registered as a Limited Liability Company

 July, 2016 - MAD Cycle Customs began purchasing late model used and take-off parts to sell online.

 07/05/2016 - The owner of MAD Cycle Customs witnessed his best friend in a light collision / lay down of a 2003 Harley-Davidson.  A spot-on, accurate insurance adjustment was conducted within minutes, and the parts (new & used) were sourced and installed within a week.  The salvage parts were sold on ebay.com within a month and the invoice was approved by the insurance company without issue.  This event kicked off the events to follow.

 4/27/2016 - On a long weekend tour throughout Michigan's Lower Peninsula, the idea was started to have an ecommerce website for new & used motorcycle parts.

 2014 - 2015 - Countless hours of internet research, modification, customization, and countless miles touring the greater Mid-West region of America. Michael interacted with hundreds of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts.  Conversations went from the bike's custom details to available parts sources, introducing people to distributors or products they may not have been aware of, or technical application, performance and fitment consultation. "It never matters what you ride, as long as you ride."

 4/18/2013 - Michael began modifying the look and customizing the features of the bike.  Michael believes that "that vehicles have names.  If you're cool enough, and listen - they'll tell you." 

 1/28/2013 - Michael Agrusso took delivery of a 2009 FLHP Harley-Davidson Road King Interceptor.  His second Harley-Davidson.